Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleep Reading

Ok so this is really old, but I feel like I should just post it to post it (and to make up for how I never do this blogging thing... daily entries, not going to happen maybe weekly).

I should never sleep, since this is not the first time something weird has happened.
If I get a text then my phone does this obnoxious beep beep. Well I follow people on twitter so I get there updates and usually they wake me up in the morning! Most mornings I don't actually read them just don't care and stay sleeping (since if it's important they could call), and this morning I did exactly that and just rolled over to stay in bed. After a few minutes of laying I decided to go the bathroom and then back to sleep, but walking down the hallway I start thinking... wait why did @thePistol (Alex Noyes from the band Honor Society) tweet about 'Christmas mugs already?' My immediate thought was 'yay I'm not the only one to drink hot chocolate out of a snowman mug during the 90 degree summer'. I then had to put my dog outside and then it hit me... I never went on the computer to read this text and I haven't read any text messages this morning. I got back to my room, grabbing a bag of chips for breakfast, since I was thinking about christmas mugs, I knew I wouldn't possibly get back to sleep. I ended up turning my laptop on and grabbing my cell, I had 3 new text messages. The 1st is sparknotesSAT- boring, 2nd was @thepistol doing a RT, and third was from JB, so I was like whatever -shut phone-. Then I -had a spaz- and knew I needed to investigate about these christmas mugs. I then checked my inbox, about 2 texts before, and see a text where @thePistol tweeted the band's myspace link, I had already looked at this text though when I don't remember reading it..... then I see it!! @thePistol -Christmas mugs already!?! Did I miss something?” I could not believe it I did get and read this text message! I could not believe I had their myspace link and christmas mug texts read and they were only the 2 before the 3 I know I did read.

P.S. I can’t get the pictures on my phone so I didn’t get to see it till I got online and looked at it… soo cute.

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