Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trying things, not my thing

So I am a picky person, when I was little I had a plate that separated my foods and I would never try anything new... well I'm starting to change that, which is why I'm going to start a blog(:
I have no real creativity, give me a pattern and I can follow it and make it, but tell me to actually make something and I can't... so titles I thought of: (and I am putting these here because I'll never remember them haah)
All About AmandaL
All AmandaL’s Activities
Ambitious AmandaL
AmandaL’s Actions
AmandaL’s Adventures

But a little about me, I am 16 and from MA. I love going to concerts, reading for fun-chickflick romances are my favorites-, I guess I can say crafts with instructions haha, and more that I can't really list right now. I hope that I can get thru high school and go to college to become an older grades elementry teacher or a middle school math teacher. :) So yeah I like math and would say it's my favorite since there is only one answer (for most things, ha) and I would mostlikely want to teach easy algebra x-3=6 so x=9 stuff. During the summer my family doesn't go on the usual family vacation, but we do take day trips to different amusement parks like 6 flags. I don't mind having a real vacation since it means that during the summer I have more time to go to concerts<3. I haven't been to that many but the few I have been to were amazing, each in there own way.

So I don't really have a purpose or goal for writing a blog, but well I'm going to and maybe one day I'll figure out why I did. :)
--Edit: Oh and I'm only starting this because I found Michael Bruno's (Honor Society band member) and well had to make an account to follow him sooo yeah.