Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zero Gravity, well Here We Go Again

So hopefully I can use this blog as something to keep track of the different concerts I've been to(:

Demi Lovato singing with her band membersOne of the recent-ish concerts was the Demi Lovato and David Archuleta concert. It was on October 30, 2009 (yeah the day before Halloween!) and at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI. I was a upset that this concert was cancelled from August 30 to the night before Halloween since at one of the elementry schools they have a Halloween Dance and I usually help out with it. This year I was looking forward to volunteering for it, but no this stupid concert had to be rescheduled to the same night and time. So I went to the concert since I spent the $60 on the ticket and was not going to waste it.David Archuleta singing

My friend and I got dropped off and went inside. Well my mom forgot to give me money before I got out of the car and drove off and so I called her to say I didn't need it (since I wasn't happy about even being there, I didn't want a t-shirt). My brother picked up the phone since my mom doesn't believe in driving and being on a cell, and he tells me that they already had turned around.

---Little interuption: My dad is home from work and does nothing unusual. Then he starts his dinner and while it cooks he comes into the living room, where my mom and I are sitting watching a movie. He just abruptly says "Oh! I got clawed by a lobster today." OMG just how he said it so randomly no introduction, I can just imagine him having it stuck on his thumb. LMAO.---

David Archuleta on stage view without zoom Ok back to the 'story', it took my mom about 15 minutes to get back since I guess she got a little lost (since we aren't city people). I got my money and we get back inside and get inline to get in for about 20 minutes, and once we do we looked at about where are seats were on the floor. We then decided to get merch, and I didn't want anything but my friend got a t-shirt. At that point I was still po'ed and looking at the tshirt seeing the date it should have been, I was ready for the concert to be over. My friend buys her t-shirt and then we go down to our seat on the floor, we were in the middle section row m (or 13th from stage) and they were great seats!

David Archuleta outlineWe sat for a few minutes and took some pictures, then decided we should get food. We went back up the stairs and I got chicken fingers and she got a pretzel and we went back to our seats. While we were waiting they had the screens for people to text in and they were doing the 'scream for ________', Jonas Brothers and Archuleta and maybe Lovato got the loudest screams. They also had some music playing and I remember that "Breaking Free" from HSM was playing, yeah I did sing along(: .Then the lights went down and we say David Archuleta's outline on the curtain, and being so close we could actually see him through the curtain!

David Archuleta coming out of a spinThen he started his preformance and he was amazing! I got videos and pictures of him on my phone/camera. I have the pictures uploaded to facebook and the link at the bottom and will put the videos up at somepoint to my . David was having a lot of fun with his preformance and Zero Gravity, such a great new song for him, and his back up band was awesome as well. I loved that David wasn't dancing like he was in a boyband, but just dancing having fun. :D I will admit that I might have taken more pictures of David then Demi even though it was her concert, but then again I was only going to see David. David did his songs and then left and there was about a 20 minute intermission. During it my friend and I just sat down and sang with the songs, I know that we sang to Miley's "Party in the USA". --Ok definately the most catchy song, my brother knows all the words and knew them after the second time he heard it.--

Demi with MatthewSo now for Demi, I actually didn't really care see her so I decided I would update song by song. So on my twitter I have a bunch of tweets with pictures and videos of what was happenig. Demi was definately a strong amazing preformer! Demi sang some songs, I knew most of them and then it was time for "This Is Me" and she needed to find someone to help her. She chose a little boy about 7 years old, named Matthew, from the audiance to be her 'Shane'/Joe. At the point that she chose someone cute and little, I was like ok I don't dislike her anymore. I will give her a lot of credit when it comes to preforming, she was walking amazing in her heels. I know that she was at the top of the stairs and I blinked and she was at the bottom! And during her preformance before she was going to do a cover song, she was saying how she was actually not in a good mood and missed her mom. Demi Lovato singing I was atually impressed with this that she was admitting that she is a real person and misses family. She then dedicated the cover song to all the moms at the concert and I thought that was sweet lol. And Demi actually noticed and read some of the posters people had, but some people infront of me didn't understand that if Demi already saw them [and actually spoke about them] then put them down since she won't say anything again.

Oh and Demi's band was amazing too! David had the singing while Demi had the preforming so it was even so I was fine with it making it over all a good concert. The one thing, I think that her "Here We Go Again" should have been her last last song (last of encore). She preformed it so well and the audiance was so into it. Demi did not do an outfit change so I was kind of disappointed with that.... but when the concert was over we left and well went home(: Overall= Good good night!

And for the rest of the pictures I was able to take: Concert Album

Sleep Reading

Ok so this is really old, but I feel like I should just post it to post it (and to make up for how I never do this blogging thing... daily entries, not going to happen maybe weekly).

I should never sleep, since this is not the first time something weird has happened.
If I get a text then my phone does this obnoxious beep beep. Well I follow people on twitter so I get there updates and usually they wake me up in the morning! Most mornings I don't actually read them just don't care and stay sleeping (since if it's important they could call), and this morning I did exactly that and just rolled over to stay in bed. After a few minutes of laying I decided to go the bathroom and then back to sleep, but walking down the hallway I start thinking... wait why did @thePistol (Alex Noyes from the band Honor Society) tweet about 'Christmas mugs already?' My immediate thought was 'yay I'm not the only one to drink hot chocolate out of a snowman mug during the 90 degree summer'. I then had to put my dog outside and then it hit me... I never went on the computer to read this text and I haven't read any text messages this morning. I got back to my room, grabbing a bag of chips for breakfast, since I was thinking about christmas mugs, I knew I wouldn't possibly get back to sleep. I ended up turning my laptop on and grabbing my cell, I had 3 new text messages. The 1st is sparknotesSAT- boring, 2nd was @thepistol doing a RT, and third was from JB, so I was like whatever -shut phone-. Then I -had a spaz- and knew I needed to investigate about these christmas mugs. I then checked my inbox, about 2 texts before, and see a text where @thePistol tweeted the band's myspace link, I had already looked at this text though when I don't remember reading it..... then I see it!! @thePistol -Christmas mugs already!?! Did I miss something?” I could not believe it I did get and read this text message! I could not believe I had their myspace link and christmas mug texts read and they were only the 2 before the 3 I know I did read.

P.S. I can’t get the pictures on my phone so I didn’t get to see it till I got online and looked at it… soo cute.